3 Most Popular: Mobile Driven Website Designs

Developing a better mobile based website is vital for the business owners nowadays. Most of the people prefer to search for the products or services they like on the mobiles. So to grab more and more visitors, one must have a well-designed mobile based site.Most of the student join Cimpro web designing institute Chandigarh and learn new technique of mobile friendly web designing.

Let’s discuss the three most popular designs which mobile-driven website must have: Mobile-Dedicated Sites: As clear from the name, mobile-dedicated sites are those sites which specifically designed for mobile phones only. Utterly different from full desktop sites, in fact, they got live under a separate URL such as Such sites contain content and other related elements that are appropriate for mobile only. Typically they have all the features that a desktop site provides, but arranged in a way to show promptly on mobile.
Features: •    Device Specific: Dedicated sites are device specific, and th…